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Wholefamily Therapy & Wellness is a community based youth and family service program.  We collaborate with local professionals to offer a wide array of services.  At Wholefamily, we know everyone is a part of something so in order to offer holistic support to meet every person where they need it, we provide services for individuals, couples and families.  Though we firmly believe it's never to late to start taking care of yourself, we do believe there's a benefit to starting early, so we provide services from pregnancy through childhood and into adulthood.


We know there are so many people who, in some way, feel disconnected, dissatisfied or just plain lost.  People often search outside of themselves for the answer, the key to happiness.  But, we are confident that inside of every person, is already everything that they need to create the life of their dreams.  It's just that finding those key pieces can be a challenge... That's where we come in, we offer services that give you the key to unlocking your potential.

Each person is unique so there's no one path to happiness.  That's why we collaborate to bring such a variety of wellness services.  Our services include:

  • Individual Therapy for Children, Teens & Adults

  • Imago Relationship Therapy for Couples & Families

  • Parenting & Couples Workshops

  • Prenatal, Postnatal, Kid, Adult & Family Yoga

  • Art Programs for Kids & Families

  • Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Education

  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Stress Reduction

  • Holistic Healing & Wellness

When a person is able to have a healthier relationship with their true self, they become more complete and they bring that wholeness into every relationship they have in their life.  To come together in this way is to create what we call a "wholefamily".  We joined the words to emphasize the importance of connection because that's what we think it's all about.  Whether your wholefamily includes a spouse, children, friends or pets, we know that we find our true joy in connection.  When we connect with ourselves and others, we unlock something invaluable.  

The Keys


We believe in caring for individuals, couples and families in such a way that supports personal growth.  We promote creativity, peaceful problem solving and effective coping skills.  We have found that healing needs to happen at this level in order to create a foundation for other growth.

The key is red to represent the root chakra, which symbolizes safety, grounding and nourishment.


We empower our clients to have actual control over their lives.  We help them make healthier lifestyle choices so they can become the best version of themselves. We encourage self-exploration and self-expression so people can truly become the artists of their own happy life.

The key is yellow to represent the solar plexus chakra, which symbolizes mental activities and personal power.


We help individuals connect with their true self. In doing so, each person is able to bring their whole self into each relationship they have in their life. We also help couples and families connect in deeper, more meaningful ways that are complete, safe and fulfilling.

The key is purple to represent the third eye and crown chakras, which symbolize inner wisdom, connection and consciousness. 

We seek to create happier, healthier communities and create positive change in the larger world by fostering personal growth and relational transformation through comprehensive wellness services that nurture, empower and connect individuals, couples and families.  In short, we want to change the world through changing relationships.

Our Mission
Our Logo

The design at the top of our key is called a triskelion, which is the Celtic symbol for family.  It also represents the three-fold approach we take to holistic wellness: mind, body and spirit.  Beyond that, the triskelion represents a balance between active and passive energy.  Simply put, work needs to be put in for one to enjoy the benefits of a peaceful, joyful life.  At the bottom of the key is a simple heart because we believe in the power of love.  Self-love and loving relationships is how we all find our happy place.   All of these ideas, wrapped up into one image symbolize how we help our clients unlock their inner potential.

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